Wednesday, July 14, 2021


A Step Into Marketing

Independent writers must figure a way to get the word out about their books. My first stab at marketing was to tell all my friends. I know that I need more than friends to make this book a success. Hence my venture into marketing to other venues. I took a few baby steps last week.

I began by contacting two museums in Wallace, Idaho where the Big Burn occurred in 1910. I made appointments by phone with the directors of the Wallace Mining Museum and the Northern Pacific Railroad Depot Museum. When I arrived I had success with the director of the mining museum. She kept 12 of my books and said she would contact me if she wanted me to collect them, if she felt they were unsuitable. I have not had any messages from her to come get them. So I assume she likes what she read.

The director of the railroad museum was not in so I will check back with them. I left a book for them to review. I plan to contact them next week. So the adventure continues.

The picture above shows how far my book has traveled this summer. This was taken by my son on Chincoteague Island, Virginia, a great place for a summer read.

If you have marketing ideas to share, I'm listening!

 I'd be interested to see where the book has traveled. So if you’ve traveled and happened to take Into the FIRE! along for the ride, please let me know.

 Keep following your dreams!