Sandra's Bio

Sandra grew up in the forested hills north of Napa Valley. As a small child, she followed her two brothers into deer tunnels that meandered through thick manzanita stands. They played in the seasonal creek and galloped through the trees – until strangers bought the woods, deer trails and all, cut them down, and banned access to the creek.

Her days were free from adult interference. Her big brother often took that role and protected his brother and sister from themselves as they were both accident prone.

They attended the last one-room schoolhouse still in use in California. At recess, children played in the school woods. They built forts and practiced raiding enemy territory. Often boys raided the girls’ side. It was all in good fun. Her second year of attendance, the school board had the woods removed and put in a ball field.

Her horizons widened when she entered college. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education with a Biology minor. She received a Master of Science degree in Administration, Recreation, and Special Education P.E. from the University of Oregon.

Sandra taught physical education at the college level for six years, then retired to raise two sons. She returned to education and taught elementary students for the next 12 years. Later she worked in an education office where she ran three outdoor schools each school year, edited Home and School News on a national level, and edited and produced Upper Columbia Conference Education News.

Currently living in Spokane with her husband, Jim, Sandra is an avid reader, storyteller, loves history, loves to learn, and is passionate about children’s education. She has published two books, N is for Nativity, a Christmas alphabet book for young readers, and Into the Fire!, a story about Ed Pulaski, the fledgling U.S. Forest Service and the 1910 fire.



  1. Hi Sandy, Loved you book and reading about the path of your life. I cherished the years in Idaho when we became friends. Thank you for the wonderful influence you were as Mitch's teacher and now friend!

    1. Hi Judy,

      Thank you for visiting and commenting. I am practicing so I can answer in this blog. Thank you for your patience!