Monday, September 6, 2021



I sat in the waiting room wishing I had brought my book. Other times I had been there, I never had time to even open my book, so I left it at home. As I looked around the room for something of interest I spotted a thin circle of plastic sitting in the middle of the area rug on the waiting room floor. I studied it for a few moments wondering how it could sit in middle of the floor without anyone noticing it.

Pick up that piece of trash,” said a voice in my head.

No!” I responded. “It’s probably full of germs!” My voice warned.

Voice one: “Do the right thing, be a good citizen. Pick it up!”

I noticed a box of Kleenex on the receptionist’s counter.

You can use a piece of Kleenex to keep from touching it.” Said Voice one.

Voice two replied. “That person across from me will think I’m NUTS!”

Voice one:  Who cares what anyone thinks. Do the right thing! 

I looked at the receptionist’s counter and noted the LARGE container of hand sanitizer.

Voice one: You’ve seen the sanitizer. No more excuses! Pick up the trash, throw it away and USE the sanitizer for Pete’s sake!

I picked up the trash, threw it in the can, used the sanitizer and returned to my seat. The person sitting across the room never once looked up from his phone.

THAT started my reflection. Why am I so worried about what others think? Why not just jump in and do what’s right? Take chances? Make a difference, even if it is something as miniscule as picking up trash that the rest of the world ignores.

How can I apply this to writing?

1.    Whether it is big or small, do the thing that makes you uncomfortable, because it is the right thing.

2.    Have a little faith in yourself. Step out there, do the work of writing and research.

3.    Don’t expect easy. Writing isn’t easy. It takes dedication and hard work.

4.    Don’t just sit there thinking about it, do it!

5.    Start and success will follow.