Sunday, January 23, 2022


Here it is, nearly the end of January and I have not yet written my blog. January, with its gray days, has been difficult this year. I decided to introduce a bit of light humor. Sometimes my musings take me to odd places and this is the result.



Dear eyebrow,

You used to be so

lush and thick.

I thought that you were

just the trick,

always there

so nice and slick.

I plucked and

thinned you,

tried to train you. 

You would not cooperate,

and now I fear

that you decide

to disappear.


What is it with eyebrows?

As men age their eyebrows get

bushy and unruly, wildly going where

no eyebrow hairs should go.

They angle outward

and upward

in spectacular manner.

While women’s brows

take a different tack,

they simply refuse

to grow back.


Thinner thinner

they become

until there’s just

a single one.