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Buster's Bad Day

Buster bites off more than he can chew when he tangles with three mama cats!
This true story happened when I was a little girl. Buster learned a hard lesson that day. Illustrator Natalie Apodaca brings the story to life as only she can do.
Buster's Bad Day is available on Amazon.

Nis for Nativity 

N is for Nativity is an alphabet book about the birth of Jesus. A – Z, Sandra weaves the story. Beautifully illustrated by Natalie Apodoca, the Nativity comes to life. The book is designed for parents and grandparents to share the magic of Jesus birth with little ones.

N is for Nativity is available on Amazon.

Into the Fire! (March 2021)

The Great Fire of 1910 burned over 3.5 million acres, torching timber stands in Montana, Idaho, eastern Washington, and Canada. Some 87 lives were lost. Big Ed Pulaski, a ranger in the early years of the U.S. Forest Service, led 45 men to safety in an abandoned mine near Wallace, Idaho.

But who was Ranger Pulaski?

Into the Fire! tells the story of how young Ed Pulaski left home at age 15, bound for the silver mines of Idaho. With no money, a rifle and pistol, his father's good wishes, grit and determination, and a willingness to take any job, he worked his way across the country, steadfast in his dreams of finding adventure in the west. Follow Ed's journey as he puts his back and his heart into fulfilling his dreams. Danger awaits!

-- "A must read for anyone interested in American history." --Amazon reviewer

-- "The author's wonderful, descriptive writing style pulled me in from the first page." -- Amazon reviewer

Into the Fire! is available on Amazon or through your local bookstore.

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