Friday, October 29, 2021


Glorious Fall!


It seems to me that God has painted this Fall in spectacular fashion. What a blessing after a burning summer that killed raspberries on the vine and stunted the garden. Smoke from fires hundreds of miles away kept me shut inside.


It is as if this Fall is consolation for lost summer enjoyments, picnics, family outings, ice cream socials. Oh yes, we still have pandemic restrictions, but the beauty of this fall is free to everyone. We can step outside and enjoy our neighbor’s colorful trees, and even enjoy our own.


Two days ago I made a wrong turn onto a glorious tree-lined lane on the South Hill. Huge trees lined both sides of the road with a center green area with more trees on each side. It was like a mini-park right in the middle of the street. Two women walked slowly examining giant fallen maple leaves, placing some in their cloth bags for art projects or decorating their porches for fall. I was delighted to see them using cloth bags rather than plastic bags. It made me feel as if we are making some progress in reducing the use of plastic in our community. Small things can add up to big progress.


Fall is, hands down, my favorite time of year. The sun shines on lovely colors, the sky is painted in various hues of blue with friendly clouds. It is like there is a pause before cold winter winds and inclement weather descend.


I am learning to take time to enjoy small moments of beauty and delight in each one. May we all take a breath, and take the time to thank others for their kindnesses.