Saturday, August 7, 2021


Dog Days of Summer

Until this year I have never given the Dog Days of Summer much thought. That is because although I grew up in a sunny hot climate, I never experienced a true Dog Day. I was a child when air conditioning was rare and certainly not used in our family.

My mother provided cooling by opening all curtains and windows after the sun slipped below the western horizon. In those days, no one locked their houses at night or any time. We would have laughed at the thought of locking the door. We lived in a quiet village of friendly people. Though we were an hour or more from the ocean, we were blessed by breezes coming off the Pacific, which cooled our homes every night. At times we had thick fog that watered redwoods that grew nearby. The fog dissipated as the sun warmed the earth and brilliant blue skies reigned through spring, summer and fall. Our seasonal creek dried up as summer progressed, but not before we had watched pollywogs become frogs and played in the creek to our heart’s content.

Global warming was unheard of in those days. My whole world seemed safe and friendly. It seems that a lot has dried up since that time, the forest, woods, lush fields, unlocked doors. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel as safe or content as I did back then. What I DO feel is a sense of urgency to turn this Global Warming around. What can we do individually to make a difference for us all? There are many things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. Here are three to start.

1.      1.  Consider reducing red meat and dairy in your diet. Red meat has the largest environmental impact. A plant based diet has positive health benefits.

2.     2.  Eat locally produced seasonal fruits and veggies. This saves on transportation cost and fuel.

3.     3. Fly less Zoom meetings are the smart way to save money and still get important work done, with less cost, fatigue and travel frustration. It’s a win/win!

There are many simple things we can do. If you have ideas, please share them. Together we can make a difference.


  1. Love this look back and look forward. My weirdest suggestion is to brush your teeth WITHOUT the water running. We've done this for about 20 years now, since the water shortage in San Francisco. Now, it seems strange to let that water run! May the summer be a little less hot and smoky for us all!

  2. This was more a word documentary! I could see a little movie as I read your delightful words.

  3. I LOVE your "little movie" description. THANK YOU!