Wednesday, February 23, 2022


I was trying to think of something to blog about this month and you can see that I’ve let nearly the whole month tick by without writing.

A memory blazed its way into my brain. I was a busy high school student, with a job, homework, and other interests. The last thing on my “to do list” was practicing the piano for my weekly lesson. Sometimes I’d sit down at the piano at 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. and, of course, the rest of the family was NOT PLEASED! It makes me laugh to think about it. No, I never was even a good pianist, although I could chord and accompany fiddle tunes for my sons. I did that by ear, not by note, as my piano teacher tried to stop my bent for playing by ear.

I am sure I was a terrible disappointment to her. I think at this particular lesson she had had enough of my faulty playing. She had been more than patient with me. And I, as usual, failed to meet her expectations.

She sat beside me on the piano bench and said, “You know, you will never be good at anything, because you like to do too many things.”

I was shocked and sad. Then I thought Wait a minute, I’m going to prove her wrong!” I did not respond to her words, but they NEVER left me. I set out to be the best I could be in each of my interests. Those interests gave me great joy and satisfaction over the years, art, music, particularly singing, horses, gymnastics. Later my partner and I had a very successful gymnastics school in Sandpoint. I had a bent for drama and, as an adult, was involved in children’s theater. I found joy in all of my interests. I still have many interests, too many other things to mention in this blog.

I truly am sorry I did not manage my time effectively enough to practice well for my piano teacher. I finally quit piano lessons. I am pretty sure she was relieved.

Right now I want to be good at writing. And it, like everything else, takes time to develop the right skills. I now have many experiences under my belt and memories to share.

The beauty of written expression calls to me. I love beautifully crafted sentences whether I or someone else has written them. Oh, the joy and power of well-crafted words! Don’t we all want to inspire? Whether it is poetry or prose. I can’t get enough of the written word, and hopefully, I will leave behind some of my own well-crafted words for others to enjoy!

Here is a poem I’d like to share this month. I looked at the crescent moon last October and saw a dark line of geese float across it. It was too beautiful to miss, so I headed inside and wrote the following:


Crescent Moon


A crescent moon

hangs in the dim turquoise



Night has come, and

geese fly in shadowy lines,

calling to one another as they

float across the bright lunar glow.


They hurry to water seeking

a safe sleeping place

on a lake or pond

far from predators.


Sleep safely

feathered friends.


Sandra Mason

October 11, 2021