Thursday, November 24, 2022



When I think of Thanksgiving I think of family together in multigenerational joy. Children playing with cousins they seldom see. Siblings reunited, jokes and games played, laughter, shared memories, and love.

Travel was involved, sometimes great distances covered for the joy of time together. And oh the storytelling. When I was small, nothing pleased me more than my father regaling us with tales of his boyhood. Of him and his sister Pearl, sharing memories. We’d heard the stories before but we enjoyed hearing them again and laughing right along as they told them. We sat in rapt attention listening as they reminisced. My father’s laugh, oh his laugh was something to experience. His sense of humor was legendary.

Then there was the food. I’d wake Thanksgiving morning to the smell of turkey roasting in the oven, and my mother singing in the kitchen. I did not think I could make it all the way to the Thanksgiving dinner. Sure there were other less interesting and less tasty things to eat before the Thanksgiving meal, but everything paled in comparison to the feast.

 My mother set a small table for the kids. I used to look and listen to the conversations at the big table where all the adults were swapping stories and wish I could be there.

 Each child in our family was involved in helping in some way. My job was to polish the silver, my brothers had to climb to the high cupboards and bring down the best china. We set the table and then got out of the way of the adults preparing food. 

The years have rolled by and I hope that we have made equally special memories for our sons.  It seems that we are all involved in making memories for our children and grandchildren.

May you make joyful memories for your children and grandchildren to cherish.

 Happy Thanksgiving and may your blessings be great.

 In Thanksgiving

 For sunny skies,

   For mountain peaks.

For woodland deer,

   and snowy streets.

For smiles from loved ones

   far and near.

Thank you LORD,

   I’m glad I’m here.

Sandra Mason

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