Monday, October 31, 2022





Pumpkin Time

For children,

the most joyous time of fall

is Halloween,

and pumpkin carving.

Our granddaughters, under the tutelage

of their father and uncle,

carved the largest pumpkins

from their garden.

Magnificent grand, hefty pumpkins,

gigantic, gargantuan,

full of large seeds,

spectacular beauties.

The girls cut out the tops,

scooped the seeds,

and carefully smoothed

the inside.

Online, their father and uncle

found spectacular jack-o-lanterns.

Each reproduced, with help,

the pattern they chose.

The carving begins,

they handle the carving knife,

carefully supervised by a loving


What joy to watch them

create works of art.

The children smile as they work.

And bask

In the love of their elders.

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